Easy Lemon Drop Shot recipe

Indulge in the delightful and tangy experience of our Zesty Lemon Drop Shot! This classic cocktail is perfect for a small gathering of four people. With a bright burst of citrus and a hint of sweetness, it’s a refreshing choice for any occasion. Get ready to enjoy the perfect balance of tart and sweet with this simple, yet incredibly delicious recipe.


For 4 Lemon Drop Shots, you will need:

  1. 6 ounces (180ml) of premium vodka
  2. 2 ounces (60ml) of triple sec
  3. 2 ounces (60ml) of fresh lemon juice
  4. 2 ounces (60ml) of simple syrup
  5. Zest of 1 lemon
  6. Ice cubes
  7. Lemon wedges and sugar for garnish (optional)
lemon drop shot
lemon drop shot


  1. Chill Your Glasses: Start by chilling your shot glasses in the freezer for about 15-20 minutes. Cold glasses will enhance the taste of your Lemon Drop Shot.
  2. Prepare the Lemon Zest: Using a zester or a fine grater, zest one lemon. Set the zest aside for garnish.
  3. Prepare the Simple Syrup: In a small saucepan, combine equal parts of water and granulated sugar (1 cup each). Heat over medium heat, stirring until the sugar is completely dissolved. Let it cool to room temperature. You can store any extra simple syrup in the refrigerator for future use.
  4. Mix the Cocktail: In a cocktail shaker, add ice cubes. Pour in the vodka, triple sec, fresh lemon juice, and 2 ounces of simple syrup. If you prefer a sweeter drink, you can add more simple syrup to taste.
  5. Shake It Up: Secure the lid on the shaker and shake vigorously for about 15 seconds. This will chill and thoroughly mix the ingredients.
  6. Rim the Glasses: If desired, moisten the rim of the chilled shot glasses with a lemon wedge and dip it into sugar to create a sweet and tangy rim.
  7. Strain and Serve: Strain the Lemon Drop Shot mixture into the chilled shot glasses. Use a fine strainer to catch any ice or pulp, ensuring a smooth and clean pour.
  8. Garnish: Sprinkle a pinch of lemon zest on top of each shot to enhance the citrus aroma.
  9. Serve and Enjoy: Serve your Zesty Lemon Drop Shots immediately, and enjoy the zingy flavors. Sip, savor, and celebrate!

With this delightful Zesty Lemon Drop Shot, you’ll bring a burst of citrusy joy to your gathering. Cheers to good times and great company!

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